Kids Evangelism :: Rivera Hernandez, Honduras. April 26-27, 2019

Kids Evangelism

Rivera Hernandez, Honduras. April 26-27, 2019

Kids Evangelism

The team returned from a recent missionary trip to Honduras and was able to host a kids event followed by a gospel crusade. The name of the kids festival was deemed, “Our Best Gift of all is Jesus”, to embrace the importance that Jesus Christ’s birth, life, and death has in every single one of our lives. With nearly three thousand children in attendance along with their parents, the festival was a major success. Children of all ages gathered in the Riviera Hernandez neighborhood of San Pedro Sula.

San Pedro Sula is internationally known as one of the deadliest cities in the whole world. The region accounts for just 8 percent of the global population, yet 38 percent of the world’s murders. Light to the World ministries began work in Honduras in 2012, and has seen significant statistical decreases in crimes following each evangelical crusade. The Glory and Light of God is upon Honduras where we have made it our mission to reverse the trend of violence, abolish sin, and allow the Fire of the Holy Spirit to consume the nation. The mission begins with the children. The children are the future of the country and must be protected at all costs from the influence of gang activity. The children’s festival gives an escape to many impoverished, abandoned, or underserved youth in the region, allowing them to open their hearts and receive the love and blessing that is the presence of our God.  Over 50 staff members worked to make this event possible, we can’t possibly name each one of them, but we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. We are especially thankful for the local law enforcement who provided much needed security during the events. This men and women risk their lives daily to protect and serve their community.

During this event we had an opportunity to spend quality time with the children and their families. We shared stories, sang songs, and participated in games together. Those who attended received food to their fullest content along with gifts to take home including christian literature and supplies for school. Those that attended did not want the evening to end.

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