Christmas Project: Pakistan

Heart of a child charity of Light to the World Ministries charity, “Heart of a Child”, has made Christmas projects possible in third world countries since 2005!

We were so blessed to bring the true meaning of Christmas this December in Lahore, Pakistan to children that are simply forgotten and currently live in slavery making hand made bricks everyday. We were able to rent city buses and gather children from 3 different brick kilns, Muslim organizations, and put on a kids festival for them! A big thanks to Pastor John, his lovely wife Rachel by his side, and many volunteers who made this project possible!

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Over 350 kids where gather on the open field and many got to see each other for the first time. They had the opportunity to play various games, pray together, and worship our Christ together!

This is a short thank you letter from Rachel to all who made this project possible!

Kids were fed and gifted with toys, sweets and for the first time some of these children received a first pair of shoes !

Thank you to all our partners for making these projects possible ! Thank you for reaching out and blessing kids that need this love, care most ! May God bless you all for loving heart and giving hand

Much thanks to all our generous sponsors!

Sincerely, Taniya Pekun

Charity Organizer
“Heart of a Child” Founder

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