God will encounter you wherever you are ! El Salvador April 10th -14th

The Love of God toward His creation is revealed to all. It is absolutely limitless and abundant.

As our team stepped out of the airport and set our feet in El Salvador, we were greeted with 12 police officers. Among them were men and women. Do to the violence and crime rate in the city we were to be escorted by the same police team at all times.

They were amazed that we came there with no weapon and no protection. Knowing, that few days prior to our arrival the local gang killed a group of American citizens. With faith in our hearts, we lifted our Bibles in the air and exclaimed that we came here in the name of the Most High King who is our protection and strength.

Police officers smiled in disbelief, for they knew the reality of crime in the city. Praise God because He was with us.  As the Crusade service were happening night after night, the same group of police officers remained with us. Seed by seed the word of God and His revelation was planted in their hearts.

On the last day of our stay in the city we were out to get breakfast at a local coffee shop. Of course our police crew was with us as usual.  Out of nowhere female police officer came to us, got on her knees and said:

“I would like to repent and accept Jesus Christ in my life!”

And then one after the other our police team got on their knees and accepted Jesus Christ as their God and savior.  Right where we were, we began to pray for them. Waiters and cooks stepped out to see what was going on.  God was reveled to many that morning. Right where they were!  

 This is the power of God.  As we were walking in His presence, He was working on these people.  We were instrument in Gods hands.  They are now serving Christ with their families because one day a small seed of Gods word was planted in their heart.

 Walk in His presence and saturate your heart with His truth, allow Him to use you to meet people wherever they are.

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