Evangelical Crusade in El Salvador


Our Trip

Next month, our missionary team will be traveling to the capital of El Salvador to hold a weekend of amazing services! Arriving the 10th of April, we will provide teaching at a pastors/leaders conference before the crusade. The services will be held Friday, Saturday, and Friday night, and each service is estimated to have 13,000 people in attendance.

A Saviors Nation

El Salvador is also known as “Republic de El Salvador” which quite literally means the nation of the Savior. Unfortunately over the past century, Christianity has dwindled, and all that is left are iconic landmarks around the country. Previously populated with Protestant and Catholic Christians, The citizens have forgotten about Christ, their savior, and what makes their country so great!

A Brighter Future

In 2012, we traveled to Apopa, El Salvador to hold 2 nights of services. Total attendance was over 10,000 people, in which over 4000 people came to Christ. El Salvador is infamous for its high homicide rate and gang activity. Leaders and politicians of the country are no longer God fearing and partner with drug gangs for financial gain. Crime overtakes the people who once devoted their lives, and hearts to God.

During our service, an amazing event occurred; The Major of the city came on stage, along with his family, and accepted  Jesus as his personal Savior. He vowed to help change his city and the country by allocating time &  resources towards church projects. This will give many pastors more freedom to evangelize the troubled city.

The Power of the Gospel

God has begun to do amazing things in the country of El Salvador. Many of the citizens are finding hope in God’s grace and mercy. Churches are beginning to grow at a fast pace as we work relentlessly to spread a message of hope, mercy, and salvation. Your support expedites the work of this ministry, and we are immensely grateful for your help.


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